Do you have a sound strategy for your retirement savings? Potential changes to existing laws could dramatically change how we plan for retirement. The Armstrong Advisory Group has a new guide out this month that has important details regarding The Secure Act which passed The House in May. If the bill becomes law, it could make it far more affordable for small companies to provide 401(K) plans and older Americans could delay their required minimum distribution and contribute to retirement for longer. At the same time, the new bill could create significant tax issues for anyone inheriting a retirement account in the future and make our 401(K) options more complex. The new guide is called Potential Changes To Ways We Save For Retirement, and it will help you understand the changes that may be coming. Click on the button below to download this free guide today.


Get Schooled on College Savings Plans

October 15th, 2018|Comments Off on Get Schooled on College Savings Plans

Get Schooled on College Savings Plans Michael Armstrong Partner and Financial Advisor, Armstrong Advisory Group A lot of parents start obsessing over the thought of saving for college when their kids are very young. I [...]



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