Today’s antiquated model of demographic targeting doesn’t scratch the surface of baby boomers and virtually ignores the 55+ crowd. Business and Financial programming fits the best on News/Talk formatted radio stations, which occupy the largest percentage of these listeners and that’s why our network consists of so many of those stations. More than 70% of radio listening to News/Talk stations comes from the baby boomers. Between the listener’s connection to the content AND longer listening sessions than its music competitors, the News/Talk listener is:

  • Easy to reach
  • More engaged with the content
  • More likely to have a high net worth
  • More responsive
  • Highly educated

The Financial Exchange and News/Talk Radio have never been more aligned:

  • There is a tremendous need for financial services among the 50+ consumer
  • Demographics match-up between the talk radio listener and the financial consumer
  • Consumers fifty and older are spending more time with radio and with the internet and are also spending more money
  • Radio is the best way to activate digital and social marketing

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